Daddy fucks daughter in the ass

I earn a glass of milk and turn each the lights off. I feel my way to the living area and sit in my favorite recliner. It is 4am and Stephanie is late ; I had no idea where she is and it disturbs me. Imagine if my daughter has been dead in a ditch somewhere? Miriam stayed passed out upstairs on sleeping pills. If the house were on fire wouldn’t even stir.

All of a sudden I hear the noise of a car parking in the driveway. I peep out the door window to find out who it is. Stephanie stumbles out of the passengers side with her heels in her hand. Her hair is disheveled and her panties is ruffled. She stumbles to the door; it had been an automatic indication that she had too much to drink. Instead of waiting for her to root around her purse for her keys, then I open the door immediately and drag her indoors.

Where the hell are you? Its late and you’re simply coming in? You missed your curfew.”

Daddy, I’m 21 years old. I no longer need to adhere to a curfew. Well that is what mother said.” Stephanie slurs as she tickles her heels at the doorway. She staggers to the kitchen and opens the refrigerator, her sleeves have a million tears and her skirt is on backward. As she bends over to search for something to drink I find that she is missing her underwear. I go to the fridge and close to the door; before she could eat my food I deserve an explanation.

You’re a complete mess.” I attempt to look her in the eyes but she just staggers over to the cookie jar and takes a couple of sugar cookies. I lean my head and furrow my eyebrows. She generally hates her mother’s cookies.

I knowI understand. But I want to get the flavor of three Spanish cocks my mouth out ” Stephanie grabs the whole jar and sits at the table. She gobbles down the remaining cookies in her hands and starts to dig from the jar for another handful. I just stand there in shock at what she just told me.

I said I needed to find the flavor of cock breath out of my mouth. You’re all on my case so I can’t even go to the bathroom to brush my teeth. Stephanie stated.

What precisely happened tonight Stephanie?” I said, my issue growing. My little angel comes home and it looks like that she went through something that no woman should.

I moved into a Frat party on campus together with Mindy. It was kind of dull because the men were doing all of this gay shit. We moved to Las Blusas to get a beverage. While we were there we met these hot men. They were so stunning, all of them had these small dragon tattoos on their necks!” A gleam of excitement flashed into her eyes at her last statement.

Anger starts to grow and my face reddens.

Dad, that is a remarkably racist thing to say! All Spanish guys with tattoos are not gang members Stephanie said. This woman was really defending a bunch of strangers?

Anyway the men were buying us drinks and telling us about their tasks since club promoters. Mindy was a entire prom queen and passed out after a beer and a shot of tequila. I was super pissed and the men didn’t know what to do.

‘ What exactly do we do with her? Should we call a taxi and let you guys go?’ The tall one asked

‘Fuck that bitch, I can’t stand her she talks too much. Wanna escape from here?’ You can imagine what happened then Daddy

No, tell me.” I said, I could feel my penis stir in expectation of her narrative.

” We rented a motel room. We had some more beers and I got on my knees and began to blow the tall one. The muscular one began to get hard and came . I began to stroke his penis. The short man just sat on the edge of the bed and started to jerk off. It was so hot to have him sit there and watch us. He then stopped and ushered me into the bed. I saw that the two other guys put on condoms since I spread my thighs and rubbed my soaking wet pussy. The muscular man made me suck his throbbing hard cock through the condom. The tall one went behind me and moved my hand from my wet pussy. He gave me a long slow lick and another until my clit was throbbing and expecting a good fuck. You receive the remainder do not you?” Stephanie smirked. She pushes another cookie in her mouth and has up to put the jar away.

Did you remember their names? I ask, disappointed. The innocent image of my angel now shattered and the idea of her being a common whore awakens in. She’s not my daughter , she is only some slut that fucks anyone that buys her a drink.

Not really, come to think of it I never even asked; oh well maybe its for the best.” Stephanie is so passive about the situation it frustrates me. What makes me angry is that my penis has become rock hard from her story.

Stephanie heads to the kitchen doorway, clearly to go take a shower and get some sleep. But that is not

Going to happen . I spent hour after hour waiting for her, time that I could have spent sleeping or doing something much more constructive. I catch her by her arm and force her to sit down in the kitchen chair.

” You would like to be a small slut, well you’re going to be my little slut.”

“Daddy, I do not want to be -“.

“You must have thought about that until you fucked those three Cholos, you little bitch.” I interjected.

Suck that cock, NOW! I could see small hesitation in her blue eyes.” You want your poor mother to be aware of how much of a horrible bitch you have become?” Stephanie adores her mother and always tries to find her approval. In case Miriam finds out exactly what she did tonight it’ll break her heart.

I stroke my cock until I could see the veins pulsate. I rub the tip and feed it into my daughter’s beautiful lips. She reluctantly accepts it and begins to suck on the tip. I stroke her long blond hair and gently push her head forward till I could feel the warmth of the back of her throat. I catch her hair into two pony tails and then thrust my hips forward. She spent the night with three strangers doing who knows what, I believe she could definitely deal with a fantastic throat fucking!

As I pick up rate Stephanie gags. She pushed back and starts to cough; she dry heaves for a few seconds and then wipes her mouth.

” Daddy please, I promise I’ll never do it again, please just quit.” Her lipstick gone her luscious lips glow. They look so tempting, how can I stop?

Daddy is quite mad at you, you have to do everything I say to get back into my good graces.

But, Daddy that your dick is bigger than some of the men that I have fucked before, its not reasonable.” Stephanie’s hand makes it into the base of my cock.

Well that isn’t my fault, infant. Now be a fantastic girl and suck on daddy’s hard dick.”

Stephanie strokes my cock as I moan. She then traces the veins with her tongue. She rubs the tip against her lips and leads it into her mouth. Stephanie starts sucking slowly, she picks up her speed as I stroke her cheek with the back of my hands. I grab her hair and head to fuck her throat. This time she did not gag or attempt to prevent me. I have the feeling that she was enjoying this now. I stop and pull my thick cock from her mouth, a trail of spit .

I state as I forced Stephanie upward from the chair by her hair. I throw her against the kitchen table and then bend her over. I hike up her skirt and tear what little that was left of her stockings and spread her supple cheeks apart. Her rosebud is gaping, as if she was fucked by two dicks. I spread her thighs further and noticed that her teen pussy was nearly as red as her lipstick. As I spread her lips farther I notice her clit is pierced. I slap her tight teen ass difficult to get her attention.

When did this shit happen?” I demanded

I don’t remember. It was for my 18th birthday” Stephanie said.

Unbelievable my little angel was no denying. She’s been spreading her legs to anyone since HIGH SCHOOL! She really needs a good lesson about what happens to sluts like her. I adhere 2 of my fingers inside her cunt, it’s far too easy to get them . I start to push my palms, the tougher my thrusts the more frequent her moans become. I stop suck and dig my hands in deep until I can feel her bean like spot. I pull my wet palms and spread her sweaty lips aside. The harder I rub the more receptive her hole becomes. I stroke my cock with the rest of the nectar from my daughters expanded pussy; a little precum started to peek through.

I put a hand on Stephanie’s left cheek. I tease her cute little bum by dragging my cock along her pussy and then quitting her beautiful hole.” Please Daddy do not fuck my butt. It really hurts.” Stephanie whimpers.

That is ok baby, Daddy will make it feel better.” She puts both hands on the table, predicting what is going to happen next.

Inch by inch I create my bloated penis enter my daughter. I can feel her walls tighten as I push myself to her pre-fucked asshole. As I make it all the way in, stephanie shivers. I catch her blonde hair and start to stroke slowly. I reach underneath her free hands and play with her clit piercing. Stephanie lets out a groan as her clit becomes hard. I proceed to fuck her harder, letting go of her hair and clit, placing both hands along her buttocks. I buck harder as my cock slides in and out of her wet hole easily. Stephanie puts her left hand on her clit and begins rubbing frantically. Instead of placing her right hand on one of her cheeks I place it behind her back as my thrusts became more feverish.

Fucking feels so much better than those guys earlier.” Stephanie yelled

I pull out and slow my tempo. “I want to hear you beg for it, you do not deserve to get fucked this good after you fucked those fucking douche bagsI hiss.

Oh please Daddy fuck my bum, I need it sooo bad.Stephanie yells.

I take my penis and with no mercy shake it back into her gaping asshole. Stephanie lets out a shout of pleasure. I did not let go of her hair and jab my penis harder into her forbidden zone. I could feel her walls closing in. I reach down and touch her cunt. It is dripping with juices, her clit ring is slowly rocking back and forth. I know she is on the brink of an orgasm. I pump harder and feel my cock swell, aching for release. I catch Stephanie’s hips tight and buck my hips as hard as I can until I felt the first spurt release. I wait until I feel that the last fall leave me.

My seed expels out of her rosebud and start to make its way for her pierced puss. I wet the dish towel and begin to clean off my cock. I throw the towel in the sink and pull my pajama bottoms. As I head to the kitchen door Stephanie stops massaging against her clit and looks at me.

Stephanie pulls down her skirt and stands up.

“Good women get to cum. Bad women become my cum slut and clean themselves up and head to bed.

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